Episode 2

Content Writing and SEO for Fran Dev


January 6th, 2024

15 mins 46 secs

Season 1

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Sophia Giordano-Scott is the Senior Editor at Brand J and is responsible for dozens of franchise brands’ monthly content and online storytelling.

Sophia discusses The Art versus The Science of web content specifically for websites that are designed for franchise development and shares tips on writing compelling, attractive, impactful stories for franchisors.

We’ll share the best ways to prepare before the writing starts including:
• Researching keywords and competitors
• Discovering how, and for what, candidates are searching
• Interviewing the brand team, franchisees, and other stakeholders
• Finding the purpose and reason for each piece of content

We also touch on how AI has changed the role and workload for all content creators and the difference between using AI to help your writing process rather than having AI write content for you.